Dear Okarina fans,

as the restrictions preventing the spread of the new coronavirus are starting to loosen, it is also becoming clear that we will not be allowed to host any large festivals in the near future. Therefore, we have decided to postpone the 30th edition of Festival Okarina into 2021, expected to happen between July 27 and August 8.

We sincerely hope you are all healthy and are looking forward to greet you soon in front of the stage.


The international Okarina Ethno Festival, which has been running in Bled for 25 years in the summer, is one of the oldest festivals in Europe. Folk music from across the globe, in all its versions and variants, mixed with modern rhythms attracts and captivates audiences with its high-quality performances, renowned musicians, and a clear message on the importance of multi-culturality and coexistence.

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29th Okarina Festival again brings to Bled the greatest names of ethno and jazz

Okarina, Slovenia’s biggest world music festival, is set for its 29th, pre-anniversary, edition this summer. In the course of twelve days from 23 July to 3 August 2019, Bled Castle, as the venue of the first two concerts, and Lake Promenade will host 12 amazing music bands and performers from all over the globe. As the Festival fans already know, all Okarina concerts are free of charge and all, those at the Castle and those on the Promenade stage, will start at 20:30.

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Between 17 July and 9 August 2015, the 25th OKARINA ETHNO FESTIVAL, one of the oldest music festivals in Europe, will host 18 concerts spread across two venues: Bled Castle and the big stage on the Bled Promenade. More about this year’s performers.

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It is quite possible that this year’s Okarina had its best line-up ever. Between 27 July and 6 August, Bled hosted the greatest names of ethno and jazz music, attracting more than 10 thousand visitors to the Bled Castle, Promenade and the Festival Hall.

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The 25th OKARINA ETHNO FESTIVAL that took place in Bled between 17 July and 9 August 2015 closed with a concert by the Portugal singer Gisela João. In 14 evening events the organizer, Bled Culture Institute, enveloped more than 20,000 visitors in a colourful and vibrant musical experience with acclaimed musicians from across the globe. The concerts were held on Bled Castle, in the Bled Festival Hall, and on the new stage on the Bled Promenade.

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Cesta svobode 11, 4260 Bled, Slovenia

Artistic director: Leo Ličof
Painter:: Ejti Štih
Translations: Alenka Ropret
Izdelava spletne strani:
Fotografija Blejski grad in Promenada: Aleš Košir in Borut Žigon
Fotografija Festivalna dvorana Bled: Bled strategic forum


Bled castle: entrance to the castle (11 EUR)

LAKE PROMENADE: free entrance

Bled Festival hall: in case of bad weather, free entrance


Zavod za kulturo Bled

Špela Repnik, Festival office
+386 4 57 29 779

Leo Ličof, artistic director
+386 41 632 369

Uroš Bonšek, PR manager
+386 31 566 668

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