Okarina festival Bled, Slovenia - Programme 2017

Programme 2017

Vieux Farka Touré (Mali)

Location: Promenade
Free entrance

The son of legendary Malian guitar player Ali Farka Touré, Vieux has made a lasting impression across the world on his own thanks to an artistic depth and range in his songwriting as well as his high energy and free spirited live performances. Having followed his father’s musical tradition on his first album, Vieux later branched out and presented his own sound: while remaining true to the roots of his father’s music he uses elements of rock, Latin music, and other African influences. In April 2017, Vieux released his latest album 'Samba', recorded live in front of a small audience. The album is already being hailed by critics as Vieux's finest, most well-rounded and mature album to date. With each new project, Vieux expands his horizons, embraces new challenges and further entrenches his reputation as one of the world’s most talented and innovative musicians.[...]

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Omar Sosa, Seckou Keita, Gustavo Ovalles: Transparent Water

Location: Bled Festival Hall
Tickets: 10 EUR. | Buy ticket mojekarte.si logo

Transparent Water is an exquisitely beautiful new collaboration between the seven-time GRAMMY-nominated pianist, composer and bandleader Omar Sosa from Cuba, and the award-winning Senegalese kora master and singer Seckou Keita. Following the worldwide release of their debut album Transparent Water on 24th February 2017, the pair are taking to the road together this year with percussionist Gustavo Ovalles to give audiences a thrilling live experience of their new recording. Sosa and Keita are both acclaimed musical adventurers with a rich heritage that spans jazz, latin and African influences. The idea for the collaboration grew out of Sosa’s impromptu addition to a 2012 London date with drummer Marque Gilmore, in what became Sosa and Keita’s first musical encounter. Profoundly moved by the experience, Omar told Seckou he wanted to invite him to work together on a future recording project.

Transparent Water is the latest example of Omar Sosa’s transcendent determination to seek new combinations, a manifestation of improvisatory freedom and the joy of shared artistic expression with Keita, who recently won the Songlines Best Album Award 2016 for Africa & Middle East for his latest solo album 22 Strings alongside a nomination for Best Artist.[...]

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La Negra – Colores (Spain)

Location: Bled catsle
Entrance fee to the castle: 10 EUR (buy at the entrance)

Amparo Velasco entered the music world in 2006 within the selective artistic concept “Casa Limon”. Before, she began to feel respect for flamenco working with flamenco artists of supreme quality like José Mercé or Vicente Amigo. Undoubtedly, excellent teachers. Her first job could be described as a very pleasant surprise. All, without exception praised her wonderful and amazing voice, new and different. La Negra was born.

It took a long time, perhaps too much, until further news of La Negra. “La que nunca” was released in 2012 and still held a touch of a wonderful quality. Jazz, African and Latin rhythms have a presence alongside the inevitable flamenco roots. Nobody was like her. She was special. 2016 was the year of her final confirmation as a great singer who knows how to excite with her songs. “Colores” will surprise. It is not another album, but an excellent, wonderful work full of emotions in the form of music.12 songs that will stick in everybody’s heart.[...]

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Kefaya (UK)

Location: Bled Festival Hall
Free entrance.

Kefaya – an international music collective formed and led by UK-based musicians & producers Giuliano Modarelli and Al MacSween. Their debut album ‘Radio International’ was released last year and was recorded during travels and collaborations with musicians from across India, Palestine, Spain, Italy and the UK. Tuned-in to the struggle for equality and liberation, Radio International broadcasts stories of migration, tales of musical encounter and sounds of resistance.

The band have recently been touring as a quartet, consisting of guitar, drums, bass and keyboards as well as collaborating with many international artists who are now integral part of the collective. Wherever possible, Kefaya bring together some of these fantastic musicians, providing spontaneous and unique performances gravitating to the music tradition of the featured artists.[...]

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Hiromi Duet featuring Edmar Castañeda (Japonska/Kolumbija)

Location: Bled Festival Hall
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“Edmar Castañeda is almost a world unto himself.” — New York Times
“Hiromi is to the piano what a Hendrix and is to the guitar.” – All About Jazz

Grammy-winning keyboardist Hiromi first heard the culture-blending Colombian harpist Edmar Castañeda at the Montreal Jazz Festival, and all she could say was, “Wow!” Hiromi wants you to say “Wow!” too, as she and Edmar perform their mesmerizing and spellbinding music in the gorgeous acoustics of Bing Concert Hall. Their deep musical connection allows these two groundbreaking musicians to invent new sonic worlds of dazzling virtuosity, incredible inventiveness, and awe-inspiring beauty.[...]

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Torkar and Monika Bohinec and ox Carniola (mixed choir): The Folk Tale (Slovenia)

Location: Promenade
Free entrance.

The wind orchestra Jesenice- Kranjska Gora was established in 1874 and is with 60 members currently one of the biggest wind orchestras in Slovenia. This group of young, enthusiastic and hard-working musicians is led by their conductor Dejan Rihtarič who is at the same time one of the creators of »Ljudska z’GODBA« (The Folk Tale) project which they will present at the Okarina festival.

Slovenia's rich cultural heritage was used as the main source of ideas for this project. Aleksander Čonč and Anže Rozman, two young, yet extremely talented Slovenian composers shaped the pieces into beautiful  medleys combining contemporary and folk music. The orchestra will be joined by opera singers, mezzosopranist Monika Bohinec (soloist of the Vienna State Opera) and tenorist Klemen Torkar as well as a mixed choir Vox Carniola from Jesenice[...]

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Gocoo (Japan)

Location: Promenade
Free entrance.

Gocoo are a bunch of female and male drummers from Tokyo (Japan) who capture their audiences with original grooves woven with traditional Japanese drums, Taikos. On stage the up to 16 artists create a live music-spectacle beyond imagination when beating the hell out of a battery of their more than 40 drums.

Gocoo's mighty beats, juicy grooves and unique poly-rhythms are of such primal nature that they reflect all known music styles and consequently unite people of all ages, ethnic and social roots and of any taste in music. No matter where GOCOO performs, at major World & Roots, Rock & Pop or alternative Music & Culture festivals, in live clubs, classic theatres and concert halls or at techno events, the band takes all audiences on a mesmerizing trip between trance and ecstasy.

BLACK logo Japan Foundation for GOCOO[...]

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DUO BUD (South Korea)

Location: Bled castle
Entrance fee to the castle: 10 EUR (buy at the door)

The modern world music group called DUO BUD is the project group organized by Production BUD (Producer Neul-bud Ha). DUO BUD conducts various collaboration projects led by the Janggu player named So-ra Kim. In particular, DUO BUD allows people to enjoy a different kind of music along with the melody of collaborative instruments that are harmonized with the rhythms of Janggu on the basis of the repertoire composed by Mi-ji Yang.

Starting with the percussion collaboration project, DUO BUD has collaborated with a variety of musicians each year to pave a new path for convergence. In 2015, “Korea Percussion DUO BUD was organized to feature a harmony of Janggu and Yanggeum. This year, DUO BUD aims to create a nature of a new color through a harmony of Janggu and Gayageum (Player Ji-hye Lim).[...]

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Chaabi-Flamenco – Juan Carmona & Ptit Moh (Spain/Algier)

Location: Promenade
Free entrance.

When a maestro of flamenco guitar meets a star of Algiers mandola and chaâbi, the musical dialogue that takes place forms a new Arabo-Andalusian bridge to reach the peaks of virtuosity.  A musician, recognized by the challenging flamenco puro world and by the international world music, Juan Carmona loves to walk his duende on exclusive sounds territories.  Artistic director of the El Gusto project and fellow traveler of Gnawa Diffusion and Karim Ziad, the mandolist Ptit Moh creates in his conversation with Juan Carmona a common language of an infinite richness.

The two outstanding instrumentalists have in common the will to browse and add to their performance diverse world music and jazz aesthetics... without denying their roots and their attachment to traditional music. A chaâbi flamenco of dazzling musicality and feeling under the alert fingers of two exceptional Mediterranean artists.[...]

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Orchestra Baobab (Senegal)

Location: Promenade
Free entrance.

Orchestra Baobab are one of Africa’s great iconic bands, creators of one of the world’s most sublime and truly distinctive pop sounds. Founded in 1970, Orchestra Baobab fused Afro-Cuban rhythm and Portuguese Creole melody with Congolese rumba, high life and a whole gamut of local styles – kickstarting a musical renaissance in their native Senegal, which turned the capital Dakar into one of the world’s most vibrant musical cities. They produced more hits in less than a decade than other bands in a lifetime. While Baobab found themselves sidelined by the revolution they helped create and disbanded in 1985, a huge groundswell of international interest led to their triumphant reformation in 2001. Orchestra Baobab are still very much in business today.

Following on from a series of international tours, the band recently took up a Dakar club residency for the first time in nearly twenty years, playing hugely popular Saturday night sessions at the Just 4 U club. Here they began developing material for ‘Made in Dakar’, an album that takes them back to their lo-fi roots in the clubs and streets of their home town. ‘Made in Dakar’ presents a string of beautifully crafted new songs alongside reworked gems from their 20 album discography, some of which date back to their apprentice days in the Star Band. ‘Made in Dakar’ squares the circle on a band who suffered a sixteen year career hiatus, but for whom the flame never quite went out.[...]

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Artistic director: Leo Ličof
Painter:: Ejti Štih
Translations: Alenka Ropret
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