Okarina festival Bled, Slovenia - Programme 2016

Programme 2016

Programme 2016 (15)

BABA ZULA - Turkey

Location: Promenade

BABA ZULA  born in Istanbul in 1996 Baba Zula ritual like performances are a mixture of disciplines of art. By mixing oriental instruments such as the darbuka, electric saz, and spoons with electronics and modern sounds, BaBa ZuLa creates a sound all their own called Istanbul psychedelia.

While a ney can represent the past Sufi-Islamic tradition, and a clarinet is the symbol of the music of the Turkish gypsies an electric saz together with a wooden spoon can serve as musical compass to Turkish musical roots going as far back as pre-Islamic, shamanic times, through Anatolia reaches all the way up to present-day Istanbul. Baba ZuLa’s music is in fact psychedelic music born out of Istanbul and influenced.[...]

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VE ZOU VIA - Italy/France

Location: Promenade

VE ZOU VIA A musical bridge between two Mediterranean port towns: Napoli and Marseille. Think of an unrestrained orgy of beguilingly passionate voices, blended with tambourines and wild street parties.

And if Mount Vesuvius were to erupt anytime soon, we reckon you’d hardly notice with this bunch around. Before you know it, four wild Italian ladies joined by a six-part choir (Lo Còr de la Plana from Marseille) will have your feet etched to the ground with scorching lava, pouring the rest into your body - it might hurt a bit but you're guaranteed to be overcome with an overwhelming desire to dance![...]

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Dear guest,

we would like to inform you that Guillaume Perret & The Electric Epic, announced to perform 5 August is canceled
due to illness in the band

Thank you for understanding.

Location: Promenade

GUILLAUME PERRET & THE ELECTRIC EPIC  Nominated for the French-equivalent of the Grammy's in 2012, Guillaume Perret & The Electric Epic is a French jazz fusion band, founded in 2008 by composer and sax player Guillaume Perret. A saxophone, the desire to unravel a new kind of sound.

Guillaume Perret is a sound explorer. He plays the wa-wa pedals and with electric effects to elevate his notes to a new and surprising universe, one that makes you dream, distorting sounds to make them strangely more musical. His music doesn't belong to a specific genre, rather it calls upon our senses. It is an innovative mixture of contemporary jazz, funky grooves, screaming metal...a hybrid sort of music, troubling, bewitching, that evokes sensations and imagery. Guest of honour at prominent jazz and musical festivals.[...]

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DJMAWI - Algeria

Location: Promenade

DJMAWI Firmly rooted in their African identity, Djmawi Africa have been experimenting since 2004 a musical fusion totally liberated and uninhibited, including rock, metal, reggae Algiers Chaabi and Arab-Andalusian heritage as well as Gnawa trance.

A melting-pot of universality and popular music, going by the name of Gnawa Fusion, these 8 young Algerians happily accompanied on their epic tours throughout the world. With over 10 years of career and today more than 350 concerts Djmawi become pioneers to share the richness and revival of the current / alternative Algerian/Maghreb music.[...]

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Location: Promenade

MALTED MILK & TONI GREEN Together you are stronger, as the American singer Toni Green and French soul group Malted Milk realized. Following that thought they have merged into one formation. The singer, who was born in Memphis, has already had a long career in R&B and soul.

At one point she was a member of the live band of Isaac Hayes, she sang with Dennis Edwards, Luther Vandross and The Doobie Brothers. Band and singer have been collaborating since 2014. The result of the combination is an overwhelming blues and soul show.[...]

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NOREUM MACHI - South Korea

Location: Promenade

NOREUM MACHI With spectacular displays of virtuosic drumming, elaborately costumed dancing, breath-taking flurries of wailing oboes, ensemble vocal play and joyous gong-bashing, Noreum Machi bring a galvanizing energy to the art of Samul-Nori, a modern staged adaptation of a celebratory rural ritual with origins in shamanism and animism, performed by itinerant minstrels, that was recreated in the 70s by the group of the same name, using traditional instruments such as janggu, jing, buk and kkaaenggwari.


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Location: Promenade

WAY UP NORTH is a band recently formed around the idea of playing Swedish music in a different way. The music reaches from the times of the troubadour and kind of national poet Carl Mikael Bellman (1740-95)  and all the way to Abba.

Working on the arrangements the idea was to let Bellman sound like Abba and vice verse. Nothing however should sound like before.[...]

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Location: Promenade

Das Jugendblasorchester der Musikschule Gundremmingen, Offingen, Rettenbach (Deutschland) wurde 1991 gegründet, um den Nachwuchs der Blaskapellen in unseren Gemeinden zu stellen. Unter der Leitung von Dirigent Klaus Schlander erlangten die 60 Jugendlichen mehrere erste Preise bei nationalen und internationalen Wettbewerben.

Das Hauptaugenmerk der musikalischen Arbeit liegt in der Ausarbeitung von sinfonischen Blasmusikwerken. Allerdings ist das  Orchester auch der traditionellen und modernen Blasmusik verbunden.[...]

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Location: Bled Castle

THE JAVIER PAXARIÑO TRIO  The music of the Javier Paxariño Trio goes beyond flamenco, it doesn't confine itself to just one style but in fact covers the wide range of nuances that make up the richness of Spanish culture.

JAVIER PAXARIÑO is undoubtedly credited as one of the great fusion pioneers in Spain who combines musical traditions with the usage of original instruments from various cultures (Saxophones and Ethnic Flutes) Ranging from jazz to folk, Javier Paxariño’s musical career is wide and versatile, full of collaborations in musical projects.

Price of the ticket = entrance fee to the castle[...]

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Location: Bled Castle

SIRVENTÉS Present from the beginning of Trobar (the poetry of the troubadours ), the sirventès is a protesting style that describes the violence of its century, the stupidity of powerful people and the fleetingness of human feelings

It is a difficult exercise where the poet makes a fool of the princes, laughs at the Church and questions the Creator, giving him friendly advices as well as merciless criticisms. Three musicians chose to honour – by developing them or being inspired by them - the original melodies deposited in the end of the XIIIth century by the last troubadours.

Price of the ticket = entrance fee to the castle[...]

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Cesta svobode 11, 4260 Bled, Slovenia

Artistic director: Leo Ličof
Painter:: Ejti Štih
Translations: Alenka Ropret
Izdelava spletne strani: www.mandu.si
Fotografija Blejski grad in Promenada: Aleš Košir in Borut Žigon
Fotografija Festivalna dvorana Bled: Bled strategic forum


Bled castle: entrance to the castle (11 EUR)

LAKE PROMENADE: free entrance

Bled Festival hall: in case of bad weather, free entrance


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