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Deluxe (France)

Deluxe (France)

Location: Lake Promenade
Free entrance

Deluxe was discovered in 2007 in Aix-en-Provence, France, where they were performing on public streets. Deluxe started as 3 childhood friends who were passionate about music, and eventually became a group of five after adding Soubri and Pepe to the lineup and later the band met a singer/rapper named Liliboy with whom they collaborated, and eventually added to the band's lineup full-time. With the addition of Liliboy, the band became a more successful live act in France and other nearby European countries. Their live performances are characterized by using many different instruments and working each one into the mix. "Rhodes, guitar, bass, horns, you can expect a really complete live music experience when you see us on stage." They have moustaches for a symbol - all the boys have moustaches and Liliboy usually wears a moustache-shaped skirt.

  18  Jun  2018 ,   Programme 2018
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