VE ZOU VIA - Italy/France

Location: Promenade

VE ZOU VIA A musical bridge between two Mediterranean port towns: Napoli and Marseille. Think of an unrestrained orgy of beguilingly passionate voices, blended with tambourines and wild street parties.

And if Mount Vesuvius were to erupt anytime soon, we reckon you’d hardly notice with this bunch around. Before you know it, four wild Italian ladies joined by a six-part choir (Lo Còr de la Plana from Marseille) will have your feet etched to the ground with scorching lava, pouring the rest into your body - it might hurt a bit but you're guaranteed to be overcome with an overwhelming desire to dance!

  20  Jul  2016 ,   Programme 2016


Cesta svobode 11, 4260 Bled, Slovenia

Artistic director: Leo Ličof
Painter:: Ejti Štih
Translations: Alenka Ropret
Izdelava spletne strani:
Fotografija Blejski grad in Promenada: Aleš Košir in Borut Žigon
Fotografija Festivalna dvorana Bled: Bled strategic forum


Bled castle: entrance to the castle (11 EUR)

LAKE PROMENADE: free entrance

Bled Festival hall: in case of bad weather, free entrance


Zavod za kulturo Bled

Špela Repnik, Festival office
+386 4 57 29 779

Leo Ličof, artistic director
+386 41 632 369

Uroš Bonšek, PR manager
+386 31 566 668

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